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Deploying Young University Professors Abroad for Training Course

The Ministry of Higher Education and US embassy coordinated on implementing professional capacity development program of young Lecturers of the universities in different fields. According to this agreement, the young lecturers of Public Administration faculty of the universities will be deployed for a training session in abroad. 

In addition to acquiring new vocational skills, the lecturers will be trained in the field of developing the curriculum in their fields.

This issue was discussed during a meeting by the Academic Deputy Minister of MoHE, Engeener Abdul Twab Balakarzai, with the Cultural Deputy Minister of US Embassy, Ms. Tasang Eflan

He added that previously a number of professors were funded by the US Embassy to improve only their English skills but in this meeting was agreed that young university Lecturers would be sent abroad for professional skills  development mostly in curriculum development which is the urgent need of the universities

Balakarzai said that this proposal was appreciated by the US Embassy and they pledged that the first group of the Lecturers will be sent to India for the training.

Eligible professors must have proficiency in English, have Afghan citizenship, be a permanent professor at the university, and submit three proposed university lectures and recommendations.

It is noteworthy that the Academic Deputy Minister of MoHE with Ms. Tasang Eflan had also discussed about how to choose the candidates of Fulbright scholarship.