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Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs Visiting patients at First Day of Eid


The ministry of higher education’s leadership had visited the patients in Educational Hospitals at the first day of Eid al-Adha and provided cash for them.

During visiting the patients in Ali Abad, Maiwand and Shahr Araa hospitals, Professor Abdultwab Bala Karzai, the Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs of MoHE and the Head of Kabul Medical University, Dr. Sherin Agha Zareaf, had emphasized on health service quality in the hospitals and urged the doctors to take serious care of the patients.

The Higher Education thanked all the doctors and employees who were working in public holidays and assured patients well services.

Bala Karzair said that increasing the quality of education is the priority of the ministry to make special care to the hospitals besides improving the quality of educational institutions in the country.

Professor Shirin Aqa Zarif, said that the Educational Hospitals are the best health centers in the country, and always provide quality health services to the citizens.

It is worth mentioning Maiwand, Shahr Araa and Ali Abad hospitals are also open during the Eid days with 24 hours’ service.