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Establishment of Male Hostel at Bamiyan University

The two male hostel blocks of Bamiyan University were established by the Minister of Economic, India Ambassador and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ahmad Siar Mahjoor.

The blocks will cost 59 million AF which are funding by Indian Embassy and will be built in a modern system that will be designed in three floors including underground and each floor will have 32 rooms and each room will have the capacity of 8 students.

the establishment ceremony in the Bamiyan University was held by the attendance of The Deputy Minister of Academic and Administration Affairs of MoHE, Dr. Ahmad Siar Mahjoor, the Minister of Economic, Head of the Planning and Policy of MoHE, Professor Fayaz Ahmad Sayiar, Ambassador of India at Kabul, Yoani Kummar, the Governor of Bamiyan, Heads of the Public Organizations and the students of Bamiyan University.  

At the beginning, head of the Bamyan University Muhammad Aref Yousefi, thanked from the India, Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Higher Education on their supports, and congratulated students on the foundation of the dormitory.

Then the Minister of Economic, Mustafa Mastour said that there were 17 Indian projects in the Bamiyan, of which 7 projects have completed, 8 of them are under construction, and 2 are under logistical arrangements.

Yoani Kummar, Ambassador of India to Kabul, also expressed his pleasure on the establishment of the dormitory blocks and emphasized on continuing the cooperation of his country to Afghanistan.

Dr. Mahjour thanking to the Indian country on their coordination said that the Ministry of Higher Education is committed to provide educational affairs in each province, especially in Bamyan. He promised to provide a car for transportation of girls from the city to university and some books will provided for the University.

He said that we try to have no bachelor degree Lecturers at the universities and for achieving this purpose we provide facilities of studying master degree inside the country and abroad.

Dr. Mahjur added that Based on the current vision of the higher education system, the leadership of the Ministry of Higher Education is working to develop and enhance a high-quality education system in accordance with international standards.

In another meeting, the Deputy Minister for Finance and Administration Affairs of the Ministry of Higher Education and their staff visited with the Governor of Bamiyan, Mohammad Tahir Zahir. Emphasizing joint cooperation to improve the educational situation in this province; they discussed on training and internship of fourth grade students, land distribution for professors, students’ transportation and other issues.

It should be noted that the Bamyan University has 6377 students and 159 Licturers.