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IEC Interim Staff Recruiting Exam

The Ministry of Higher Education Examinations Department examined the 13,422 volunteers of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) interim staff in eight provinces.

The heads of Kabul University, Exams Department of MoHE and IEC participated in the opening ceremony of this exam.

The Head of Kabul University, Professor Hameadullah Faruqi, who was talking in this ceremony, said that"The Ministry of Higher Education, the Department of Examinations and Kabul University have always been working towards good governance, providing services to citizens, and implementing transparent and corrective programs. Fortunately, today we have the Independent Election Commission test.

He added that the Kankur exam has a high transparency and about 13,000 candidates will participate to the test, of which 2,500 will be recruited.

The Head of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) Abdulbadea Sayad, said: for the sake of better transparency in the electoral process the process of recruiting temporary staff for this commission is obtained through the Ministry of Higher Education's General Examination Office.

He added that in recent years, influential people intervened in the recruitment process of this commission, and, thankfully, this year, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Higher Education and the General Directorate for Exams, this process became clear.

Mr. Sayad said that from 13422 people will be taken test in eight zones (center and province) that 284 of them are female.

It should be mentioned that from 13422 candidates, 2500 will be recruited in center and provinces.