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The Minister of Higher Education Oversaw the Al-Shafa Higher Education Institute

The Minister of Higher Education investigated the situation of Al-Shafa higher education institute and gave clear guidance to authorities to improve the statues of institute.

The Minister of higher Education visited the various part of the institute while Head of Private Universities, Mohammad Amir Kamawal, and Head of Information, Communication and Public relations Department of Higher Education, Mohammad Zia Sahil were also present.

During this checking out, the Minister of Higher Education reviewed the databases of students and lecturers, classrooms, library, labs and other educational facilities at the Institute and heard the explanations of the officials and head of the Institute.

Also In a meeting with the students he said that the purpose of this review is to improve the quality of education and to solve the problems of students so that private higher education institutions and government institutions work together with necessary criteria.

The Professor Najibullah Khwaja Omari said that there is no difference between the students of private universities and public universities and the same diploma will be distributed to graduates of private universities when they complete the triple process of quality assurance.

In contrast, the students thanked the Ministry and Minister of Higher Education for making attention on private institutions and expressed their suggestions and ideas for improving their academic affairs.

The Higher Education Minister made clear guidance to the officials and authorities to improve the educational services at Al-Shafa institution.

Considering the quality of educational services provided by private higher education institutions, they included the priorities of the Ministry of Higher Education, and achievements have also been made in this case.

The inclusion of private higher education institutions in the process of quality assurance and accreditation, distribution of diplomas for graduates of these institutions, attention to curriculum, the databases of students and professors, the attention of permanent professors and their academic promotions include these achievements.