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Providing Five Containers Medical Supplies to the Medical University of Kabul


The United States Global Therapy Project has provided 5 Containers medical supplies to the Medical University of Kabul.

This ceremony which was held in Kabul Medical University was attended by Professor Dr. Najibullah Khwaja Omari, Head of Kabul Medical Universit, Professor Sherin Agha Zareaf, University Professors and agent of USWDP.

The Minister of Higher Education, Professor Dr. Najibullah Khwaja Omari said that the Kabul Medical University is one of the major universities with high capacity in the country and emphasized that he would like to pay special attention to this university In case of accessing  facilities.

Mr. Khwaja Omari thanked USWDP on providing Medical consumables used in medical tests and treatment of patients and highlighted the rule of aids for betterment and development of health, science and economics in the country.

Mr. Khajeh Omari also emphasized on self-sufficiency and capacity building and said we do appreciate global community assistance but what we need is; to stand by our own feet.

Head of the Kabul Medical University, Dr. Sherin Agha Zareaf, while providing information on the activities and health service delivery in this university, also added that the Kabul Medical University meanwhile

being a science and teaching university is a hospital as well which doubles the needs for medical supplies in this university.

Dr. Zarif thanked on the contribution of United States’ Global Therapy Project through the USWDP program to the University of Kabul Medical Sciences, called it effective.

As he says; five containers of medical supplies from the United States World Therapy Project have been conducted to Kabul Medical University which is received one of them and the four remain containers will be received soon.