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The Deputy Minister for Finance and Administration Visiting male Dormitory of Kabul University

25 Sep, 2018

The deputy minister for Finance and Administration Affairs of the Ministry of Higher Education visited the male dormitory of Kabul University and provided some guidance for the needs re

Signing Agreement Letter with the Central Bank

17 Sep, 2018

An agreement of collaboration was signed between MoHE, Kabul University, National Bank and Central Bank and, according to this agreement the field of capacity building for the abovement

IEC Interim Staff Recruiting Exam

16 Sep, 2018

The Ministry of Higher Education Examinations Department examined the 13,422 volunteers of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) interim staff in eight provinces.

Providing Five Containers Medical Supplies to the Medical University of Kabul

15 Aug, 2018


The United States Global Therapy Project has provided 5 Containers medical supplies to the Medical University of Kabul.

The Center Female Dormitory is Equipped with a Biometric System

14 Jul, 2018

The gates and cafeteria of female hostel are equipped with a biometric system and opened by the Minister of Higher Education.