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Announcement of the Ministry of Higher Education on stock Master MEXT of Japan

Degree: Master

Due date: 11 Apr, 2017

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT) scholarship award in 2017 for Afghans who want to continue their study in Japan, has announced. According to enthusiasts is completed, in order to get the application form and more information visit the following websites:


After completing the required documents and a copy of it to date 11 / May / 1395 Sb in accordance with the 31 / May / 2016 of the Department of Foreign Relations Department set up graduate scholarships and fellowships to surrender the set.


- Afghan citizenship.

Awesome achievements of the school.
The physical and mental health.
Purpose and passion is education that lead to improved relations between Afghanistan and Japan.
Candidate age less than 35 years (since May 2 / April / 1982 born).
Having a Bachelor's degree or equivalent documents.
Ability to have adequate writing and speaking in English.
The ability to write and speak enough Japanese language.
Accepted candidates will be based on the examination results.
Embassy of Japan and qualified candidates will be determined and announced by MEXT.
Then the students presented MEXT. Most worthy of their embassies and consulates Chapan by all countries of the world are suggested, elects.