Mon, Oct 17 2022 6:10 AM

Some spiteful people are spreading the news that some students have been expelled from the dormitory of Kabul University on the basis of ethnic discrimination, which is not true.

The reality is that several expelled students, who do not belong to any clear cut ethnic group, have been expelled as a result of the decision of the special committee for violating the laws and regulations of the university.
This dogma applies equally to all students without any prejudice. 
Kabul University is one of the largest historical academic institution in the region and country, where about 24,000 students are studying, of which 3,000 students live in the dormitory. This university is the common academic home of all the tribes of the country. Every faculty, every class and every dormitory is a way of life of the nationwide unity, from which no one can contradict.

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Tue, Feb 14 2023 4:30 AM
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Acting Minister of Higher Education met with the Head of Doctors without Borders (MSF) in his office.

The Acting Minister of Higher Education Shiekh ul Hadith Mawlawi Nida Mohammad Nadeem Sahib, the directors of Maiwand Teaching Hospital and the project of doctors without borders. . .

Mon, Jan 09 2023 6:49 AM
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Country’s first phase of the revision and development of the curriculum of the Faculty of Journalism of the educational foundations has started.

In the opening ceremony of the cluster, Acting Minister of Higher Education Sheikh Al Hadith Mawlavi Neda Mohammad Nadeem Sahib said that the media is the power, along with other forces. . .