History of the Ministry of Higher Education

For the first time, higher education cell was founded in 1311 with foundation of Medical Faculty in Kabul City.

Kabul University was founded in 1325, Nangarhar University was founded in 1343 and Kabul Polytechnic University was founded in 1348. For the integration of higher education institutions and development of educational organizations in the country, Ministry of Higher Education was founded as the leading cultural organization in 1356.

Based on the government order in 1373, vocational and technical education conceded from Ministry of Higher Education to the Ministry of Education. As a result integration, 42 vocational and technical education Institutes with all its formation and moveable properties and intellectual transferred to Ministry of Education from MOHE. Vice versa, all Afghan Pedagogies providing bachelor level studies integrated to the MOHE with all their formation, personnel, intellectual properties and moveable properties from the Ministry of Education.