DM of Academic affairs

Introduction of the Deputy Ministry of Academic Affair

Organizational structure, Duties and Responsibilities:

All academic and administrative affairs of MOHE are generally carried out by three sections, which are referred to as the academic affairs, the student affairs and administrative affairs.

Deputy Minister for academic affair is currently Dr. Lutfullah Khairkwah is the head of academic affairs.

Mr. Khairkhwah has completed his Ph.D. at Islamabad International Islamic University. He is a thoughtful, patient and humble person. The following are the tasks which are performed under the supervision of the Deputy Minister for Academic Affairs:

  • Developing academic programs to increase the efficiency of academic and research staff in higher education institutions.
  • Establishing specialized fields according to the needs of society in collaboration with government agencies and the private sector.
  • Regulating matters related to raising the academic level of academic staff in higher education institutions.
  • Coordinating matters related to the appointment, transfer, and dismissal of academic staff members in accordance with legal documents.
  • Promoting and stabilizing the scientific rank of academic staff members.
  • Confirming and monitoring the alignment of plans for government and private higher education institutions.
  • Sending academic staff members to master’s and Ph.D. degree programs.
  • Developing scientific programs at national and international levels.
  • Publishing scientific articles in national and international journals and magazines.
  • Other matters related to the duties of this section.


Organizational Structure 

  1. Management:

Academic affairs of the Ministry of Higher Education is managed by seven departments, each department is responsible for its own academic designation and reporting to the Deputy Minister of academic affairs.

The mentioned departments are:

  1. Department of Academic Programs Development
  2. Department of Recruitment and Promotion
  3. Department of Research, Compilation and Translation
  4. Department of Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  5. Department of Plan, policy and legislation
  6. Department of Foreign Relations and Scholarship Affiars
  7. Department of Curriculum


  1. Academic Consultancy:

The academic consultancy shares their opinions with the relevant departments (management teams), and Deputy Minister for academic affairs.

  1. Secretariat:

The main duties of secretariat include organizing office administrative tasks, scheduling meetings and preparing work schedules for the Deputy Minister.

  1. Academic council:

The academic council is the part of the academic structure and is chaired by the Deputy Minister of academic affairs. The members of academic council are composed of the heads of academic departments and academic advisor. They usually hold meetings once a week and sometime every other week to discuss topics that require sume of discussions and attention to detail.

The director of academic programs developments also serves as the council’s secretary.




In addition to providing reports on specific issues, director of each department also present their annual reports to academic council at the end of the year. These reports are discussed for identifying the deficiencies and short comings. For the next year, the mentioned problems are discussed.


All academic departments present their annual plan based on the ministry’s strategic plan at the end of every year specifically in the month of March. After collective consultation, the plans are revised and prepared for implementation.

Then, the Deputy Minister directly or indirectly oversees the implementation of these plans.