Acting Minister of Higher Education discussed bilateral academic cooperation with the Iranian ambassador in his office

Sat, Aug 20 2022 9:44 AM

In that discussion, the Deputy of the Administrative and Finance, the president of Foreign Relations and Scholarships and the president of Kabul University were present to welcome the Iranian ambassador. 
In addition, the mutual cooperation is valuable for both countries and region. 
“Afghanistan and Iran have common religious and cultural values, and both countries are facing a kind of sanctions, so cooperation with each other is necessary,” he said.
Alhaj Mawlawi Abdul “Haqani”, in addition to insisting on joint academic cooperation between Afghanistan and Iran, but also he considered Iran’s experiences importantly in the field of education and asked for assistance in educational sector from Iranian ambassador.
Also, Iranian Ambassador Bahadur “Aminian” said that Iran and Afghanistan have young manpower and dedicated natural resources, and Afghanistan can be self-sufficient like Iran despite the sanctions.
Furthermore, he has invited a technical team from the Ministry of Higher Education to visit Iran and take a close look at the country's higher educational system and benefits from its experience. Also, the Iranian ambassador showed consent for giving scholarships to Afghan students and teachers.

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