Department of Students’ Affairs


Duties and Responsibilities of the Department of Students’ Affairs:

  • Outlining and publishing students training policies of higher education institutions.

  • Creating new (modern) systems and new learning methods for the students of the higher education.

  • Arranging laboratories and workshops, and providing internship program for students.

  • In order to increase the number of the students of the higher education, this department implements and designs night and day studies programs.

  • Strengthening the educational system of legal clinics in law and Sharia faculties of public and private higher education institutions.

  • Simplifying the process of the registration of applicants in higher education institutions.

  • Distributing, maintaining and printing the standard Diplomas and Transcripts for the undergraduates.

  • Reviewing the activities, which are related to the student’s affairs services.

  • Reviewing the issues related to students’ hostels.


Conducting daily and training activates:

  • Issuing provisions regarding student registration, continuation of education, dismissing, withdrawal, chance, absenteeism, and other instructions.

  • Making timings for the start and end of semesters and conducting their exams.

  • According to the principles and standards, issuing guidance based on the stages of the students' transformation.

  • Introducing and re-enrolling the absent students to public and private institutions.

  • Introducing and enrolling the students from semi-higher education to higher education institution of the country.

  • Based on the agreement of the universities, introducing graduates and students to teaching hospitals and related organizations.

  • Issuing guidance for foreign students and graduates for equivalence or assessment.

  • Collectively, providing regulations of the distribution of the documents to graduates.

  • Through looking to the principles and standards, applicants are introduced to scholarships.

  • Other related matters regarding the Department of Student’s affairs.

Related Directorates

1: Directorate of State Students’ Affairs


  • Processing educational documents of the state universities’ graduates.

  • Giving instructions about the process of students’ enrollment in higher education.

  • Checking and evaluating Entrance Exam of those students whose documents are being processed and save their graduation record.

  • Registering the database of students of all public higher education, and checking their Entrance Exam registration at the time of graduation.

  • Responding the inquiries from different departments.

  • Performing other related issues.

2: Directorate of Private Student’s Affairs


  • Processing all the documents of the graduated students of the private university of the country.

  • Based on policies and rules, after exact evaluation, implementing the process of the transferring the students of higher education.

  • Giving instructions about exam and enrollment in educational foundations. 

  • During the processing of the documents of the graduated students, evaluating and checking their registration of Entrance Exam and graduation.

  • Providing answers to inquiries to departments.

3: Department of Overseas Assessment


  • Evaluation and equivalence of all educational documents of foreign universities’ students and graduates

  • For assurance, evaluating and processing the documents and emailing them for private 44

  • Based on the standard evaluation, assessing the documents of the foreign students and graduates.

  • Answering to inquiries from different department.

4: Department of Student’s Services Integration:


  • Making academic environment for new students.

  • Academic Counselling.

  •  Providing mental health services and hostels services

  • Conflict resolution and creating sound atmosphere for students.

  • Internship programs are being provided for various students of the educational institutions of the country.

  • Based on the official letter of the governmental universities, the introduction of the graduated students to the related institutions to complete their internship and practical period.