The president of Geneva Call Organization for Asian countries has met with the Acting Minister of Higher Education.

Sun, Aug 07 2022 11:27 AM

The meeting was arranged at the Ministry of Higher Education’s saloon in the presence of the Acting Minister of Higher Education, Alhaj Mawlawi Abdul Baqi “Haqani”, Academic Deputy, Prof. Latfuallah “Khairkhwa” and the president of Geneva Call Organization for Asian countries, Maria Locin and delegate.
In the meeting, Mrs. Maria Locin thanked from the responsibles of higher education for their hard work.
“There should be a mutual understanding between the Ministry of Higher Education and Geneva Call Organization, and she also asked for the teamwork to arrange the Mutual Understanding,” she added.
Then, Mr. Haqani thanked and appreciated their activities in Afghanistan, and gave her assurance for signing arranging teamwork, and organizing mutual understanding.
“Afghanistan has recently come out of war. In addition, it is the responsibility of all the people who reside inside or outside the country, should pay attention for Afghans regarding their educational programs and considering the Islamic and National Values,” Mr. Haqani said.
To sum up, based on the information, Geneva Call is a Swiss Organization, and it has worked in 16 countries for the last 20 years for the development of humanitarian relations.

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