Vision, Mission & Goals


Statement of vision is the idea that organization can attain at the end of several years plans. Statement of vision is based on the mission, values, background, capacity and environmental factors of the Ministry of Higher Education. With a strong believe in support of Allah, determination of the noble Afghan nation and smart planning in the implementation of Afghanistan constitution, national desires and basic priorities of the Ministry of Higher Education; the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education for the year (1399) will include the following features:


Ministry of higher education is committed to utilize human resources and modern technologies, advanced educational system, transparent and dynamic administration to have distinguished position in the training of committed, specialized, innovative and advanced human resources in transformation of knowledge across the region.


  1. Having effective, efficient, transparent and simple information management system;
  2. Having  reasonable, accurate and transparent performance evaluation system;
  3. Development of administrative units based on needs;
  4. Having qualified, committed, devoted and expert Academic Professors in the level of universal scientists;
  5. Having ability to establish long-term educational, research and cultural opportunities for every person of society;
  6. Having income sources and production of wealth through scientific and research projects;
  7. Having advanced educational curriculum quorum to the country's needs;
  8. Pioneering in productive knowledge academic services and sustainable development of country;
  9. Having independent management of supervision, evaluation and improvement of quality capacity based on regional and global standards.


Existential philosophy of organization is called mission. Ministry of Higher Education’s mission is consisting of the most essential tasks that should be performed by this ministry and the MOHE is committed to it. As every organization come into existence based on some needs and the aim is to answer to those needs, thus before taking any step, it is necessary to understand which needs caused establishment of MOHE. For achieving the organizational goals, MOHE is following the below missions through designing and establishment of appropriate working structure.


Ministry of Higher Education is committed to train committed, expert, pointer and innovative human capital through modern education technologies, transparent management and proper educational system which should be responsive to needs of the society according to standard of the region countries.


  1. Training of committed, expert, innovative and patriot human capital;
  2. Institutionalization of research based thinking, innovations in the universities, research centers, people and organizations through universal available opportunities for answering the questions, needs and solution of the challenges for the country;
  3. To increase national power, wealth creation and burnishing society welfare through establishment, transformation, recruitment, settlement and taking advantage of the modern technology;
  4. Provision of fair and competition based access to higher education needed in the labor society inside the country and abroad;
  5. Launching of useful scientific research, provision of research based academic and effective educational services for the purpose of the needs of Afghanistan;
  6. Establishment of income resources and creation of wealth through academic and research projects;
  7. Review and amendment of advance educational curriculum according to the needs of country;
  8. Establishment of a national independent organization for monitoring, evaluation and accreditation by using of international indicators;
  9. Provision of the required facilities for international index of academic magazine of universities and science centers of the country;
  10. Establishment of research centers and labs for innovations in the relevant fields;
  11. Provision and facilitation of utilizing studying opportunities and participation in national and international Congresses;
  12. Establishment of a national database for recording research achievements and educational thesis;
  13. Monitoring, evaluation and control of research affairs of universities, professors, researchers, staff and students through national database for recording research achievements;
  14. Launching of research grant system for professors of universities;
  15. Ranking of universities, professors and researchers based on standard indicators of scientometrics;
  16. Improving services delivery for students.


The goals of strategic plans are cleared based on mission, vision and values for that project. MOHE, considering the need for knowledge and values for true evolution of society and that as the human is the center of focus for sustainable development, as well as is the central factor for development. Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan strongly believes on role of education and producing sciences at the process of development and follows its goals based on the vision, mission and values through specific measures which include the following features:

  1. Development and review at the process of researches;
  2. Improvement and review of educational curriculum;
  3. Empowerment of the capacity building project;
  4. Implementation of HEMIS reform and eradication of corruption;
  5. Review of Legislative documents;
  6. Review process of student’s welfare;
  7. Improvement and revision in the structures and processes;
  8. Establishment of income creating centers;
  9. Development in cooperation with national and international institutions;  
  10. Establishment of an independent promotion and accreditation authority for scientific centers.


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Wed, Jul 27 2022 8:38 AM
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Invitation for Bids (IFB)


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Thu, Jan 23 2020 6:28 AM
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