Announcement of the Ministry of Higher Education undergraduate scholarships in Qatar


Qatar announced the award of two sets of scholarships for the Afghanistan Government, which is distributed by the decision of the High Commission of the Ministry of Higher Education scholarships, the scholarships were allocated freely to twelfth grade graduates.

Documents and requirements:

• Transcript of testimony and scores of three years, approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one of the Arabic countries in Kabul
• Percentage three-year average school scores applicant is higher than 90%.
• 200 Qatari riyals for university registration fee
• Health recognizes and acknowledges the lack of criminal responsibility,
• Six photographs
• Copy of passport
• Copies of Tazkira

Construction of all interested eligible, if the above conditions are given for education Ba` can register to the site ( to 25 / April / 2017 in accordance with the 15 / May / 1396 visit after filling out a copy of it to the President of the Higher Education surrender.

As for getting more information, email address and contact number is available to solve the problem here., (44035922-974 and 974-44033748).

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پنجشنبه ۱۳۹۹/۵/۲ - ۵:۵۰
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د کابل"ابوعلی ابن سینا" طبي علومو پوهنتون د طبي تجهیزاتو تکنالوجي کمیونټي کالج د 1399 لمریز تحصیلي کال لپاره نوي محصلین مني.

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ټولو دولتي پوهنتونو او د لوړو زده کړو موسسو ته خبر ورکول کیږي چې د لوړو زده کړو وزارت د مشرتابه محترمې شورا د ۱۳۹۹ د چنګاښ میاشتې ۱۴ نیټې پریکړې په اساس د تقنیني اسنادو په نظر کې نیولو . . .

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ـ د پوهنتون د سل سلنه تخفيف سره د ۱۵ سيټه بورسونه (۵ سيټه د ليسانس او ۱۰ سيټه د ماسټرۍ په . . .

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