The Minister of Higher Education meets Japanese Ambassador to Afghanistan.

Tue, Feb 06 2024 12:09 PM

In this visit, the Minister of  Higher Education, Sheikh ul Hadith Mawlavi Nida Mohammad Nadem welcomed the ambassador, and discussed the historical relations of both countries.
Later, the Minister of Higher Education thanked Japan for its help in education and other fields, and asked ambassador to cooperate in strengthening country's educational system.
Additionally, he also asked the ambassador of the foregoing country to share the real image of Afghanistan with International Community. 
Also, during the visit, Japanese ambassador, Takashi Okada said that they are ready to help Afghanistan during emergencies and critical situations, and promised to cooperate in the implementation of basic projects in addition to humanitarian aids.

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Wed, Jul 27 2022 8:38 AM
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Invitation for Bids (IFB)

Invitation for Bids (IFB)


Procurement of Laboratory Equipment for Hydraulics, Hydrology & Water and Sewage quality testing laboratory for Kabul Polytechnic University

IFB No: MOH . . .

Thu, Jan 23 2020 6:28 AM
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50 Pakistan Scholarship for Afghanistan Kankor High Score Winners

Location: Pakistan

Number of Scholarships: 50

Targeted group:High score obtainers of kankor

Deadline:january 28,2020

Ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan has announced that . . .

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Sun, Mar 31 2024 10:42 AM
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The Deputy Minister for Finance and Administration of the Ministry of Higher Education has met Dr. Mohammad Tahoun, World Health Emergency Team leader.

In a meeting, the Deputy Minister for Finance and Administration, Mawlavi Mohammad Hamid Haseeb, the Chancellor of Kabul Medical University and the Chief Executive Officer of Ali-Abad. . .

Thu, Mar 28 2024 10:47 AM
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At his office, the Deputy Minister for Academic Affairs has met both with the Assistant of UNAMA and Acting Director for UNESCO.

The Deputy Minister for Academic Affairs, Dr. Latfuallah Khairkhwa welcomed the representatives, and gave information about the ongoing academic and infrastructure affairs, which are. . .

Wed, Feb 07 2024 9:32 AM
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The Minister of Higher Education Meets the Ambassador of China

Besides welcoming to the ambassador, the Minister of Higher Education, Sheikh ul Hadith Mawlavi Nida Mohammad Nadem expressed his happiness over both countries’ political, economical. . .