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Sat, Jan 18 2020 7:36 AM
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Inauguration of ICT center and The Online courses recording studio of Kabul University of Medical Sciences (Abu Ali Ibn Sina)

Acting minister of the Ministry of Higher Education inaugurated the ICT center and the online courses recording studio of Kabul University of Medical Sciences'(Abu Ali Ibn Sina).

Actin. . .

Mon, Jan 13 2020 5:35 AM
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Higher Education Ministry’s Commission for students’ Credit Transfer Notification (1398)

  1. According to the Credit Transfer bill, the specified Credit Transfer period is only Jadi and Dalwa months.
  2. For Credit Transfer, the applicants don’t need any application letter; they. . .
Thu, Jan 09 2020 5:12 AM
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Minister of Higher Education has been meets with Sir:Sulimanzai,who was Seriously Injured by the Rubbers.


Acting Minister of Higher Education, Col. Abdul Tawab Balakzai, met with teacher Habibullah Suleimanzai, who was severely injured by armed robbers. Professor Abdul Tawb Balakzai. . .

Wed, Jan 08 2020 5:16 AM
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د نصاب د تدوين او د پوهنتونو د مسلکي پراختیا د مرکزونو د فعالیتونو ورکشاپ جوړ شو

په پوهنتونو کې د مسلکي پراختیا مرکزونو جوړول د استادانو د مهارتونو او وړتیاوو د لوړوالي او د هغوی د ترغیب لپاره یوه مهمه اړتیا ده.

د لوړو زده کړو سرپرست وزیر پوهنمل عبدالتواب بالاکرزي. . .